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*bows head*   
05:26pm 10/10/2007
Our Father, who art in pesto
Alfredo be thy name
Thy kingdom come, Al dente done,
on forks as it is on chopsticks
Give us this plate with garlic bread
be sure to give us napkins
As we give napkins to those who impress us
And lead me not to Olive Garden
but delivery from Carraba's.
For thine is the garlic,
the marinara and the oregano
Forever and ever
Filler Tuesday   
05:29pm 09/10/2007
Once you do that, this is what I’ll do for you...   
11:09pm 25/09/2007
  Leave your name in my blog comments. Once you do that, this is what I'll do for you...

1. I'll respond with something random about you.
2. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle you in.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me. (if possible!)
5. I'll tell you my first memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something I've always wondered about you.
8. If you do this you MUST post this on yours. You MUST. It is written.Once you do that, this is what I’ll do for you...
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Miss you, too.   
01:10am 23/09/2007
  I dreamed I was in my grandmother's house, observing the refrigerater with interest. It was covered top to bottom in pictures of Charles. It seemed to be years in the future, though I couldn't say how long. I played with the handmade magnets reading "in memory of" and spoke to the empty kitchen saying, "The mourning never stops, does it?"

Charles responded behind me "Nope."
He was in his usual (as my dreams go) etherial greyscale, smiling his silly all the same.
In my best chastising teacher voice, I informed him that he made a lousy angel of peace and protection; he was hardly reassuring in his role.

Giggling, he hugged me from behind and said "yeah, I know."

I woke up feeling rather peaceful this morning.
I guess I don't mean what I say.

Will you live in hope or dark desire?
What can I say?
Fuck love give me fire.
Have you seen what I've made beneath the wreckage?
Just suffer through the dust and there you'll find the color of a night that burned out from us.
Surrounded by it's glow our city lies.
Wait for a love that never dies and you've lost life.
Blaqk Audio - Cities of Night

Keep Off The Dirigible Plums   
08:05pm 14/09/2007
  I should update this more..
So..I update my Myspace blog better.
http://www.myspace.com/calystomouse <~That's a link
But here's a pointless entry anyway! wee!

Uhm.. dragoncon was teh awesome,
and here be pictures to prove it. <~ also a link
I just wasnt too photogenic that day, or that one.. that day neither..shit.
And now for filler
Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net.

Here we pause for life stuff chitchat.

So i talked to JiB on messenger recently when I accidently messaged the wrong person
I found i no longer loath and dispise him
In fact I don't feel anything at all towards him
Where'd all my hate go? goddamnit i want it back!

p.s. he hasnt changed at all. If i had invested some interest in him i'm sure i'd be disappointed right now.

now for some closing notewhore statement that might get me some sort of note replies..

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In opening them, he discovered that he had eyes.   
04:40pm 26/07/2007

Dont worry. NO SPOILERS ahead.

How could it have taken me till 2 am last night to finish a book that came out last saturday? Bah.

So anyway.. I'm sure some people online are wondering where the heck i've been hiding for nearly a month now..

Let's give an update to my life starting around July 1

I decided i wanted highlights in my hair and let my cousin and aunt do it for me. I wanted light brown highlight, I got blonde streaks. Fuckity. It's managed to tone down a bit though.

At the same time, at the start of this month I got a roommate! Coworker (Z) needed a place to stay within 24 hours when he asked me for help and he's a friend of mine so I couldn't say no. I had a spare room afterall, and I never used my livingroom. I basically LIVE in my room. I thought I would have a low tolerance for roomies, but he alright. He leaves my shit alone and his friends listen to me when I tell them not to smoke in the house. I never had the chance to choose my roomies, so I guess that was a big factor in tolerating them.

Of course having a roommate has changed me a bit. (Z) has declared it his duty to socialize me and I now spend more time out of my room than in it. That means less internets time, hence my being online nearly not at all..

Oddly, he also feels it his duty to make me an Insane Clown Posse fan. While I liked one or two of their songs before (Z) showed up, they don't strike me as teh awesome. I guess i'll always be a Rock n Roll girl, not a Juggalo

Yay, clearance crap!

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Several broken shards of glass later...   
08:25pm 29/06/2007
  I made these for various people

Rise and ShiniesCollapse )
I have it in my head to make a square bead necklace to match my rubic's cube shirt, but it's a bitch to track down square yellow beads.
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Why cant i find 7mm black silk ribbon?   
11:46pm 28/06/2007
  Phil: Can you make me a necklace?.. with laser beams and neon lights and something that says "i'll fuckiing kill you"
Mistress caly:sorry, I don't have any beads with apostrophes
Like an AA meeting for retailers, I tells ya   
08:16pm 21/06/2007
I will keep this simple
You will go to the livejournal community customers_suck
You will read the 'sucks' entries.
You will adore them!
You will join and post your own customer suckery cause it feels good to get it out of your system!

Why do I say this? Because it's free therapy for anyone who's ever worked a job that requires the mingling of staff and customers
we all need therapy now and then, yes?

I swear since I've started reading this one and the walmart_employe I've been able to handle my customers so much better.. cause I know I can blog about them there later.
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"If i became physically attracted to things that irked me...   
10:40pm 18/06/2007
  ...the world would burst into flame from the friction of my furious humping."
-Questionable Content

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net
Pet! Name it! ........ Shiny! Not yours!   
09:15pm 15/06/2007
now is a good time to make suggestions!
She's female, beige and white, and has an interesting marking on her back that kind of looks shaped like south America
She's currently in quarantine in my room for 2 weeks. I don't want to make the same mistake i did when i bought Mayhem years ago. May had made my hairless rat sicky with her own sicky. Cost me 40 to treat if I recall. And before a 7 dollar rat had the sniffles.
This will help me socialize her a little too while she's alone. She doesn't seem interested in doing anything but staring listlessly and sleeping. She won't bite, but she obviously dislikes contact. She freezes up. The nick in her ear and behavior tells me she wasn't handled kindly by the breeders or other rats.

BTW, farkers have suggested the following names:
Images under the cutCollapse )
Shinies in there too
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Aww Stewie. You just gotta say please darlin'   
08:10pm 13/06/2007

Can you tell i lack anything better to post just now?
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Strands for thought *another Shinies entry*   
07:56pm 06/06/2007
  I realized I hadn't posted the necklaces I made for Dallas,
so here ya goCollapse )
One day I think I'm kidding myself by thinking I'm some sort of artist, other days I think I'm kidding myself because I'm caring too much about what I make to NOT consider myself an artist. I certainly don't do it for profit. They do distinguish between arts and crafts categories, though I see no real difference between the two.. would I be a craft..er? Craftist?
Oooh I like how that sounds.
Caly, the craftician. Almost like it's a science

Though saying it out loud makes me sound like I'm refering to Kraft dinner.
...mmm mac n cheese..
Watch her make macaroni magic with the skill and dexterity of.. Chef Boyardee!

Ok no more train-of-thought entries for me

E = M C bead
My mind is already trying to think of a way to knot string theory into a necklace..
shut up caly >
My wally world story.   
04:58pm 31/05/2007
  For one I work there. I hate it but it is convenient for my needs (college student needing flexible hours and its just 10 minutes from school)
I find that the only thing stupider than some of my coworkers are the retarded customers we have to smile at all the fucking time. 10 foot rule my pasty white ass.
I have worked there over a year now, and haven't had complaints against me until this last month when no less than 3 separate customers had their own unique issues with me.

1. A blond haired blue eyed fellow with no noticeable accent starts some rant about he as a Bolivian citizen (he apparently married a Bolivian chick) was personally appalled at Bush's threats to south America about cleaning up it's crime problems. Something about him telling them that if they didn't clean up their act, America would do it for them. I'm pretty much hemmed into a corner and just having to put up with his rant (I'm not a Bush fan, but I really don't care about what this guy had to say) At some point I disagreed with the numbers he pulled out of his ass about how my town's crime rate was 3 times what his country's was and he storms away to complain to my manager about how I'm being racist to Bolivians. I don't get paid enough for this kind of B.S.

2. Three days later I'm ringing up a customer who didn't grasp that the money she handed me was 8 dollars short, though I repeatedly told her so. A guy behind her laughs at this and she of course complains to a member of management that I had mocked her. Odd, she didn't seem truly retarded, but that move proved me wrong.

3. I go to the restrooms and enter a stall to find a wallet sitting in it. A woman a few seconds later comes into the restroom and asks if it is in there, I hand it to her and just a little later as I'm washing my hands, she returns to claim that it's missing a hundred dollars. She gets a member of management and I volunteer to be searched because that was the only real way to resolve this issue quickly, in a manager's office. It's a little humiliating not to be trusted on your word, but if I hadn't taken the initiative my managers would have had to fire me just to make that bitch who doesn't know how to hang on to her valuables happy. (btw, if your wondering, no I didn't take anything from the wallet or even touch it until the lady asked for it. However, given enough time I probably would have.)

May is a bad month for me when it comes to customer relations, customers themselves don't show any perceptible signs that their family trees do, in fact, fork and always check stalls regularly for lost wallets. Keep any you find, but use a different stall to do your business and throw everything but the cash away later. Never said I was an angel, people.

your wiki trope of the day
Phlebotinum is the magical substance that may be rubbed on almostanything to cause an effect needed by a plot. Some examples: nanotechnology, magic crystal emanations, pixie dust, a sonicscrewdriver. Oh, and Green Rocks.CSI and its spinoffs come with gallons of phlebotinum. Their favorite kind appears to be Luminol, the substance that reveals traces of blood byglowing when traces of iron from the blood catalyzes its breakdown. Luminol is real, though.
According to Joss Whedon, during the DVD commentary for the pilot episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, the term "phlebotinum" originates from David Greenwalt's (a writer and director on Buffy and later co-creator of Angel) sudden outburst, "Don't touch the phlebotinum!" a propos of nothing.
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random science fiction wiki fact of the day   
09:38pm 30/05/2007
  -Spock's pointed ears on Star Trek The Original Series were almost the victim of panicky NBC executives, who were afraid that supersitious hordes of TV viewers would think he was Satanic. They went so far as to airbrush the points out of a number of promotional photographs (which are now collectors' items). Gene Roddenberry managed to save Spock's ears by promising plastic surgery for thecharacter if audience response was poor; it was anything but, and after Spock's popularity was established, no one at NBC would ever admit to being anything but for pointed ears.

- In a possibly borderline case of Executive Meddling, the Sci Fi channel has apparently implemented a policy that any series that has only middling ratings instead of stellar ratings will be cancelled,despite whatever vocal, devoted following it has. Three examples that jump out include Mystery Science Theater 3000, Farscape (the latter ironically replaced the former), and at the end of its 10th season, after being the longest running hour-long science fiction show ever, Stargate SG-1 (although most fans seem to admit that the last of these is allowing the show to die with dignity). They have generally replaced these series with such things as Giant Animal Films, Professional Wrestling (I dare you to tell me what that has to do with science fiction -steroids don't count) and whatever syndicated series they could get on the cheap. Battlestar Galactica fans, take note.
A stik. I has one.   
02:38pm 29/05/2007
  What object have you broken most recently:
my hairdryer

Name one of the Spice Girls:
*renames Baby Spice* You are now Abort-me Spice... what ever happened to her anyway?

What was the last thing to make you cry:
Not being able to find my knife that Charles gave me

I would like to be in an advertisement for:
Home vasectomy kits for her.

My favorite shoes are:
rarely worn

My mothers' greatest fear is:
enclosed spaces

Can you use chopsticks:
In my hair

Do you prefer beaches or forests?

I'm gonna make a necklace with a snail charm that says this. just for the fuck of it
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Shinies shinies shinies. The caly should get a life and spend less time at Hobby Lobby   
08:38pm 11/05/2007
  An old friend from work who apparently has decided to go into the ministry or some crud offered to sell me some of my shwag on his site. Expect a cross-y theme.

whatcha think?
Glitter glitter gurgly goo.Collapse )
Mexican is the new Irish. (and shinies)   
08:40pm 09/05/2007
  I was asked to put together a wishlist for the stuff I would buy if I had the cash
I must say jlist/jbox has some awesome goodies. Some people will remember me buying candies from them once and mailing off mini care packages to my online friends with delightful treats such as sake flavored hard candy and traditional hard candies from Japan.

Yeah..now that I recall... avoid the sake hard candy. it tastes like Lucifer's own rectum.
Shinies! Can't seem to finish this oneCollapse )
Let me have a melodramatic moment   
07:19pm 05/05/2007
  Took a side trip to see Charles

Left him a giftCollapse )
06:11pm 02/05/2007
I found a cd that mixes my love of classical violin music AND electronica.
so yeah.. somebody buy me this and i'll make you something purdy

The Limewire it does nothing
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